* Avoid Probate Court (publicity, expenses, delay)
* More Difficult to Contest.
* You control your assets. You can buy, sell, & gift the assets. 
* Assists in the management of assets for elderly or incapacitated rather than have the probate court appoint a guardian or trustee 
* And other benefits.....

Medical Power of Attorney
Life Support or Other Critical Medical Decisions: Who will decide? Someone you trust or a medical provider?

Get your medical power of attorney reviewed by an estate planning attorney. If yours is over 2 years old or situations have changed – get an updated document.

Durable Financial Power of Attorney
It allows you to determine who will handle your finances if you cannot.

Have your financial power of attorney reviewed by an estate planning attorney. It must be very comprehensive. Is yours in the right format if your loved ones have to sell your real estate, deal with insurance companies or financial planners?

Probate Court
We also represent fiduciaries, beneficiaries and other parties in connection with the probate of estates and litigation involving wills, trusts, guardianship, conservatorship and family rights.